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Hello from Uzbekistan – Mongol Rally

As you already know from our first article we have been sponsoring a team of would be adventurers as they travel from London to Mongolia on a 11,000 mile rally. Well, from their latest update in Uzbekistan they have most certainly been having a wonderful time. The picture below is an early morning shot from Uzbekistan as a fine misty fog clouds the landscape.

Mongol rally Uzbekistan

In the past few days the boys have been up to plenty of mischief; they’ve played golf into a still burning fire hole left by a soviet gas explosion in the 1960s and accidentally driven to the Afghanistan boarder in possibly the most dangerous satnav shortcut in the history of the technology.

Durham mongols at fire pit


However, this is just the beginning, despite the fact that they are over half way through their journey. Over the next few days they will be skirting along some of the toughest terrain yet, the Tajikistan/Afghanistan border, at an altitude of around 4,500m along the mountainous Pamir Highway. The roads here become less and less like roads and more like dusty trails worn into the land by years of travel.


Good luck on the next leg gentlemen.