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Life after a frozen shoulder

Denise Kennedy had a frozen shoulder which meant she had very limited movement and was in extreme pain. After having keyhole surgery with Mr Peter Brownson at Spire Liverpool Hospitals’ Bone and Joint Centre Denise told us “I cannot believe how much movement I achieved from the keyhole surgery the result was almost instant. I had quite a lot of movement the very next day after the operation and for the first time my pain was manageable”.

“The difference this operation has made to my personal, work and social life is outstanding. Before I had the frozen shoulder I was such an outgoing person who ran 6 miles 2-3 times a week, attended circuit training twice a week and had a busy social life with friends. Since September 2014 I was so low as I was unable to run, go to circuit training and did not have any interest in socialising with my friends. All I did was go to work, come home and sleep and cry. I was in so much pain I could not describe it”.

After my operation with Peter Brownson I couldn’t believe the result. The goals I achieved in the time after the operation are:

  • Driving 2 days later
  • Dog grooming 7 days later
  • Light circuit training 12 days later
  • Stopped taking any medication for pain relief 3 weeks later
  • Discharged from physiotherapist 5 weeks later
  • Back in the gym and street running 5 weeks later

“Maryke Neilson, who is a specialist shoulder and elbow physiotherapist at Spire was my allocated physiotherapist and was so professional and thorough at all times. She filled me with so much confidence each time I visited her”.

“For the surgeon, operating is just a day at the office but I wanted to convey to you the positive impact it has had on my life. I very rarely have any pain (unless I sleep on the affected shoulder for too long) and I now have my social life and keep fit life back. Most importantly I no longer have to take any medication”.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want this message to let others and give them hope that there is life after a frozen shoulder”.

Thank you both for everything